Is everyone enjoying golf?

To discover a pleasure of golf you need to meet a good mentor. We all care about our score and it gets more fun if we can improve our skill.

Though golf is not just about score. Beautiful nature surrounding also makes golfing one of the best sports. But, if you want to enjoy and become a better player, it is imminent to get lessons from professional who can lead you to brush up your skill.

I want every player to fully enjoy playing golf and willing to raise good instructors. Every golfer has a unique swing form as you can see it from golf professionals. Tiger Woods can swing like him because he has a great body, but his swing might not work for Ernie Else. Each individual has a unique body and we all have different objectives.

I would like to put all my teaching experience to create good instructor and team which will benefit our clients.

That should be the ideal of how we run K's Island.